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The Overlooked Importance of Indoor Air Quality

A growing concern within the commercial and residential construction industries is the management of indoor air quality (IAQ). Often overlooked, IAQ refers to the air quality in and around a home or building, particularly in regards to the health and comfort of the occupants. Poor air quality has been linked …

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The Weissenborn Guitar Build – Part Four – The Plans

Before I had even begun to build my first Weissenborn guitar I was assailed by many doubts such as” Am I going to screw this up?” or suppose I get this wrong? and similar kinds of horrible thoughts! I would actually lie awake at nights thinking about it, half scared, …

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Scrapbooking: Safe Photo Storage

To scrapbook or not to scrapbook? That is the question. How do you currently store your photos? Are you happy with this method? Let’s look at some photo-storage options: Do you put them in an old-style non-scrapbook album? These old-style albums contain lots of photo-damaging chemicals, such as acid (which …

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The Most Effective Nail Fungus Treatment Ingredients

There are many nail fungus treatments on the market. After testing and work researching many of the products and remedies, I have found some of the most effective ingredients that are effective in controlling and eliminating nail fungus. Thyme Oil and Thymol Thyme oil is obtained from the thyme herb …

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Playing With the Cure Time of Mold and Casts

Every mold making and casting material comes with its own specific range of cure time. This is nothing but the time that the material will take to get completely cured. It can range from just a few minutes to hours or even a few days. The mold or cast has …

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How the Washing Machine Changed the Way We Live

The world and many things about it have changed a lot. In the way people dress, in their customs and traditions, in their religious, political or spiritual beliefs. Most probably, one of the most welcome is the invention of machines which changed the way people did things: from labor-intensive to …

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Sinus Infections, Sinus Problems And Asthma

For some reason or other more than 50% of people with asthma also have sinus symptoms or nasal symptoms of some kind. Oftentimes the symptoms are of an allergic nature and can be triggered by mold, animal dander, pests, pollen or dampness. If you have chronic inflammation in your nasal …

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Molding Techniques

Molding is a technique used in shaping different materials such as plastics, metals, glass, and sand. Just like everything else, there are different types of molding techniques with the main types being: Injection A thermoplastic is usually the raw material used in the process and mold is made of metal. …

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