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Dresses For Parties and Glamorous Fun

The good news about dresses is that women of all sizes can wear them and look a million dollars for parties and gatherings all year round. Indeed, a classic party dress will stand you in good stead and of course you can opt for on-trend styles if being fashion forward …

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James Scott Maxwell (1845-1922) – Commercial Artist

British Painter, James Scott Maxwell, or James Maxwell, remains an elusive artistic entity, owing to his hazy lineage and birth details. His works, though covered a narrow subject range of warships and British scenery, his works carried the signs of immense brilliance such as in “Villefranche 188,” a drawing of …

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How to draw Fantasy Creatures

Drawing fantasy creatures takes some skills that go beyond the normal realm of drawing because you can't find a subject to pose for you – unless you live in an enchanted forest! So you are faced with not only the task of learning how to draw you are also faced …

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What Are the Main Features of ComposiMold?

ComposiMold is one of the new heat and pour mold making materials.It is one of the best ways of introducing the newbie to the art of mold making in that it is very simple to use. ComposiMold is eco-friendly (Certified non-toxic), Microwaveable, and best of all, reusable. ComposiMold-LT is the …

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Poisoned In The Home – Black Mold Symptoms And Treatment

Black mold is bad news for your body, and if exposed, you need to get your symptoms treated quickly. Until recently, people generally didn't believe that so many common problems were caused by black mold. But, recent research has been looking into the symptoms and treatment of black mold exposure. …

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Why Molds Need Sprues and Vents

Mold making and casting are relatively simple processes. Make a mold of the model you want to reproduce and then pour the casting material into the mold. Wait for it to cure properly before extracting, and viola your artwork is ready! However, certain technicalities also creep into the picture. For …

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Mold Inhibitors Versus Mycotoxin Binders

Swine diets consisting mainly of corn are at the highest risk of mycotoxin exposure from the decay in the fields or the storage of the corn. Mycotoxins thrive in the presence of mold on the corn itself, so the areas of the country that have higher moisture have increased risk …

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Sofonisba Anguissola – The Pride of Italian Renaissance Painting

Late Italian Renaissance (14th-17th centuries) portrait painter Sofonisba Anguissola was born in 1532, to Amilcare Anguissola (member of Genoese minor nobility) and Bianca Ponzone (also from a noble background), at Cremona, Lombardy. She was the eldest of seven siblings, six of whom were girls. Amilcare always encouraged his children to …

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