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All About That Icy Decoration: Information on Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are forms of art that uses ice as the raw material. They can either be abstract or realistic. You normally see an ice sculpture in special occasions, as this form of art can also be functional. An ice sculpture is associated with extravagant events because of their limited …

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Basic Pattern Making In The Hobby Foundry

Success or otherwise in your hobby foundry will depend to a large degree on your skills & ability to create simple patterns, i.e. Patterns that are easy to mould, lift or separate from the sand mould after a gentle rap. A pattern that has incorrect draft on vertical surfaces, or …

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Crawl Spaces and Bleach – Mold Myth!

Have you had the unfortunate happen? Your termite guy, hvac guy, plumber or others come out of your crawl space and told you “I think you’ve got some mold down there”. Oh boy, now what! One of the most pervasive myths is that molds can be killed by just spraying …

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Candle Making Molds – What to Buy?

PVC molds PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) molds can easily be bought at candle supply stores at plenty of craft stores and of course online. You can buy one piece molds in several standard shapes – cylinder, rectangular prism, square based pyramid etc There are also two piece molds these clip together …

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Drywall Repair Questions Answered by a Professional

Before choosing a drywall contractor here are a few answers to questions I commonly get asked in the drywall industry. Question: I have water damage to my drywall, is it still good? Does it have to be replaced? Answer: Water can come from many different sources in your home. Roof …

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The Link Between Black Mold And Pregnancy

Humans and mold have lived together since the very beginning, but mold has become a big health issue only recently. So many cases of toxic mold poisoning have come to light recently that people can’t help but be concerned. Because this concern is so new, we have only just begun …

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The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi Reviewed

Darwinian Drama from Titan Books And so the new book showcasing the extraordinary talents of Julius Csotonyi you arrive at our offices and we have been given the task of writing a review. This may be a new publication from Titan Books, but we are very familiar with the artwork. …

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Cold Kindness (Chapters 9,10 and 11; Nightmares)

9 At times Adam revenged upon her nervousness, her shyness, her phobia. He blamed her for not resolving her internal issues, her nightmares; in consequence, causing him frustration, which he silently created doubt about for a long term relationship with Carmen, or better said, it was in its developing stages. …

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Cat Treat Recipes

Want to cook something special for your feline friend ? Try these cat treat recipes. They are easy to make and requires little time. Your cat will love them ! CAT TREAT RECIPES – KITTY TREATS 1 1/2 Cup Rolled Oats 1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil 1/2 Cup Flour 1/2 Cup …

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